Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello, Mr. Plop!: What are we gonna do about "those gays?"

Hi there, the 5 people who read this! Wait,  4....and a special hello to my mommy!

   I have been following most of the important education news all summer, and am interested - but  not exactly eager- to see how all that bullshit will play out in the world of special ed.

   But for this post, I'm going off on a tangent - I'm going  to talk about another big problem we have in the public schools in NY State:
the gays.

    The teacher gays, I mean.

    What are we going to do?

     My closest work colleague, Mr. Plop,  is also a personal friend. He went and got all married  to some other gay dude, Mr. Pap, this summer. The Plop / Pap union is... GET THIS - completely legal and legit, and they even had an actual CHRISTIAN minister to perform the ceremony. People went to  the wedding and even were happy about it - including their entire families,  some southerners, myself,  and Mr. Plops's mom is his mom AND southern!

    People bought Pottery Barn gift cards to this thing.

    Seriously, what're are we gonna do?

    What if, in the natural course of conversation, someone, maybe even me,  inadvertantly refers to Mr. Plop's husband as "Mr. Plop's husband?" and not "Mr. Pap," or "wife?" What if we forget to play the pronoun game and then -  someone's parent finds out that the Misters Plop and Pap have engaged in a completely legal and legit act of blatant love, gayness, a true commitment to become just as boring as every other married couple and are judged unfairly? Or perhaps even an administrator who is feeling pressure from parents?

    I wouldn't ask if I didn't think it could really happen.

    What are we going to do?

     Except stand with them of course.